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FiredUpDiva.com is full of uplifting resources and services, meant to help you feel happy, energized and inspired. My name is Claire Amber and I am known as the Fired Up Diva. 

I am an author, empowerment coach, feng shui master, and web designer.

Will You Support My Book Tour?

My book, FBook Cover- Final Draftrom Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy and Radiant is about my journey in healing from burnout and depression. Let’s just say that I’m lucky to be alive considering how bad things got, on multiple occasions. I was committed to healing from the inside out and spent the past 10 years playing the roles of both scientist and guinea pig. I felt called to write this book (about what I learned) for teens and adults so that I might help them heal, nurture themselves into greater alignment, and feel more empowered.

I’m in the middle of setting up a West Coast Book Tour (as part of a World Tour), starting in San Francisco. I need some help in order to continue my journey. I am offering the services below in exchange for financial support. If you feel that you could benefit from these offerings, will you reach out to me? Or, if you know of someone else who might be interested, will you pass this along? Thanks so much for your consideration!

Web Design

  • WordPress Tutoringto teach you the basics of creating a personal or business website that you love!
  • WordPress Website Design…I’ll create a gorgeous, user-friendly, streamlined website for your business to give you a web presence and connect you with potential clients.

Feng Shui

  • Home Feng Shui…to help you clear clutter, get down to the core of who you are, and manifest your desires
  • Office Feng Shui…to help you feel great in your office so you get more done with less effort and are more open and receptive to opportunities

Blog Posts

There’s a variety of blog posts, on FiredUpDiva.com, to highlight the beauty, love, magic, abundance, and joy in the world…in other words, this is (mostly) a source for “the good news”.

Uplifting Media

If you are feeling down, or just need some inspiration, there are plenty of booksvideospoemssongs, and films featured here to light your way.

A Free Gift for You!

When yoFBOTFU Chapter Samplersign up for my email list (don’t worry…I promise not to spam ya!) you’ll receive a FREE chapter sampler of my book, From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy and Radiant

It’s about helping you reduce stress, cultivate life force energy, and create small lifestyle shifts that make a huge positive impact on your energy and experience of life!

The sampler includes THREE full chapters, one from each of the main sections, which are: Personal Feng Shui (body) Inner Feng Shui (mind/spirit) Environmental Feng Shui (home & office)

Click HERE to get your free PDF!

About Me

I’m called the Fired Up Diva because I love to help people feel fired up. I’m also a classical vocalist who is known for my lively sense of humor, silly operatic laugh, unique style and dramatic flair :) The name was a Christmas gift from “the Universe” and no, it has nothing to do with being a “bitch”, although I will stand up for myself when I feel called to. LOL! In this sense, it’s more about being a creative “Goddess” (the root of the word “diva”), owning my personal power as a co-creator, and teaching others to do the same.

Experience & Education

I am blessed with many skills, talents, & healing tools that I call upon, at will. I also play a variety of professional roles, because that’s what keeps me feeling inspired, energized, and happy. If you want to know more, you can read about my experience and education.

My Healing Journey

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” -Khalil Gibran

I have not always been fired up (i.e. happy, passionate, joyful, full of life). Like most ultra-sensitive beings, I suffered terribly from burnout, depression, anxiety, and overwhelm. I have come a long way on my healing path and I’m still here, enjoying life, despite the odds!

I have my off-days and share of challenges, of course, but I’m much more equipped to lift myself up and out than I used to be. I’m driven by a desire to be a positive force in the world and help others from a place of inspiration, experience, wisdom and compassion. That’s why I wrote my book, put this site together, and offer my array of healing services.

Thanks for Visiting!

I hope you find FiredUpDiva.com to be uplifting, inspiring and energizing . Feel free to  drop me a line to say hello, if you feel so inspired.

Also, please note that this site is a work-in-progress. I’m working to add some updated pics to make the posts more appealing and subject headers to make them easier to read.

Do let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on this site and I’ll consider it. I hope you’ll visit again and consider helping me spread the good cheer. There’s a spiffy collection of buttons below to make that super easy :D

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Cheers! Claire

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